Executive Director’s Message

Established in 1951 April 2, Radio Nepal has spanned seven decades in the service of the nation and its people through radio broadcasting and continues its services even more vibrantly in recent days. Radio Nepal, as one of the pioneer radio broadcasting stations in the entire region, has tremendously contributed to unite the whole country through its well-designed broadcasting contents addressing all sphere of society leaving no one left as envisioned in the constitution of the country.

Since the last seven decades, Radio Nepal has not only witnessed all ups and downs of Nepali society be it social, political or natural calamities but also helped the society to heal and move forward from those difficult times by broadcasting different kinds of radio programs along with disseminating timely information with a high degree of authenticity and accuracy.

Being a true companion of Nepali people, Radio Nepal has always been focused on addressing the changing needs and preferences of its listeners and continues to redesign its news and programs to serve them in the best possible way. Radio Nepal is well aware to preserve its glorious history and legacy at one hand but also determined to go ahead hand in hand with new technologies in the field of communication and broadcasting. As part of this, it has already entered into the era of media convergence by running its own online news portals along with other digital platforms.

Despite being the availability of other various media outlets for people, the relevancy of Radio Nepal is being even higher these days because of the problem of fake news in this post-truth era. Radio Nepal is always committed to serve its listeners by disseminating credible, accurate, impartial and factual news and programs as well as the production and broadcasting of other various radio programs of different forms and formats to educate, entertain and persuade people.

Finally, I humbly bend down to our listeners for their infinite love and support for us and promise to be their voices forever.

Buddhi Bahadur K.C.
Executive Director

News Portal