PM Dahal, DPM Thapa urge all to participate in local poll


Kathmandu, March-14-2017 | Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has inaugurated the beginning of office as per the new set up organized at the premises of Lalitpur Metropolis office today.

while inaugurating commenceent of new set up, he said today is historic day like the day of declaration of republicanism and promulgation of new constitution from the elected constituent assembly.

He termed the day as the victory day because the Singh Durbar-centric rights are reaching in the local level and people will exercise such power by electing their representatives.

He added that the ‘republican rays’ will be reached to the door of the locals with improved service, good governance and development.

In another note, PM Dahal urged all to support for local poll as it was fixed for May 14.

He urged all to take part in the election as it is not only related to any party’s victory and defeat however it is the matter of nation’s victory.

The PM further claimed that there was no relevance of changing borders of provinces to hold local poll but genuine demands of Tarai centric parties would be addressed through constitution amendment.

Similarly, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Kamal Thapa clarified that he joined the government to stabilize the government.

He opined for participating the Tarai centric parties adding that government would be maximum flexible for the same.  He also urged all to participate in the election to save the nation by forgetting bitterness of the past.

The new set up in the local level  has replaced the Village Development Committees (VDCs) to the new village bodies, municipalities, sub-municipal cities.

There are four Metropolises, 13 Sub-metropolises, 246 Municipalities and 481 Village Bodies across the country as per the new federal set up.

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