Modern Bus Park construction in sight


Morang, May 20th 2016 : A two-and-a-half-storied modern bus park is to be constructed in Biratnagar at the total cost of Rs 141.1 million.

An agreement was signed between Executive Officer of Biratnagar Sub-metropolis Gopal Prasad Regmi and Town Development Fund Director Maniram Singh Mahat for the construction of Bus Park.

According to the agreement, the Fund will grant loan amount of Rs 127 million to the sub-metropolis for bus park construction.

It is also stated in the agreement that the sub- metropolis should pay back the loan at the interest rate of 9.5 per cent within 20 years.

Besides loan, the Fund will also provide a grant assistance of Rs 10.5 million.

The target is to complete the construction of bus park within 18 months, said Executive Officer Regmi.

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