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Message from Executive Director

Radio Nepal My Pride

 We have a long and proud history in Nepal established our first operation in 1951.The founding team formulated the vision of being the best in the broadcasting sector and delivering services to the  people.Our bottom line is to reach people. We want to represent all Nepalese through contemporary as  best as we are able to. People may forget what is spoken but remembers only the effectual broadcast .  our priority remains the listeners who we believe are the heart of our existence.
 Total listeners contentment is the only success blueprint that can carry us far in the competitive market so  we plan to embraced a business principle. We offer everything listeners would expect from a national  radio station , we are broadcast professional whose mission is to reach people through Radio. The  testimonials received by us are great motivation to better our performances every moment. we believe  that technology holds the key to all the services like access to information, economic freedom safety and  satisfaction which are necessary for empowering our rural breathe so we plan to achieve this goal through our strength-our employee and seek their continuous involvement in achieving the organizational objectives.
This forum is very significant because a little of everything will be heard from the academic, the regular and broadcast practitioners.We have faced many challenging situations and have always countered them successfully with its operational efficiency and best management. our passion to excel in niche segment has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the broadcasting industry. I look forward to joining forces with all to reach the vision and bottom line through the media.

Buddhi Bahadur K.C.
Executive Director