Untamed animals cause traffic hassle in Nepalgunj


Banke, July 24th 2016 : The untamed domestic animals have become a nuisance for the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City.

The donkeys, cows, bulls, pigs and street dogs have continued to increase by the day in the town area despite which the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City Office has shown no concern at all.

When the officials at the Sub-Metropolitan City were approached, they could not hand out a logical and substantive answer. “We have urged the owners of such domesticated animals to not let them roam the street untamed,” City’s Executive Chief, Hemraj Bhusal argued.

The vehicles plying the city’s roads have been subject to higher risks of accidents while pedestrians are finding it difficult to travel.

“The traffic police are compelled to chase away the animals rather than control the flow of traffic,” District Police Office’s Tek Prasad Rai said.

Meanwhile, Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City’s Chief, Bhusal, has warned of moving the animals to the jungles if the owners of the animals do not take action within a week.

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