2,000 doctors produced annually in Nepal


Kathmandu, July 1st 2016 : Number of doctors annually produced in Nepal from home and abroad ranges from 1,500 to 2,000.

According to the data of the Nepal Medical Council, the rate is on the rise. NMC Administrative Chief Anita Lama said the number of doctors produced in Nepal is increasing every year.

However, average 50 per cent of them are found to have passed the examination held at NMC for doctor registration certificate.

Lama said, “It is not rather good that such a big percentage of doctors fails in the examination. Still the number of doctors produced abroad shares high on fail per cent. We are searching the reason why the big numbers of doctors do not pass through the examination”.

Some of the examinees were failure in council registration examination for over 33 times while some were found fake, she added.

NMC Registrar Dilip Sharma expressed his confidence that the ongoing investigation into the doctors would also check the fake examinees attending the NMC examinations.

The NMC has been conducting doctor registration certificate examination for MBBS passs out students four times a year while it takes specialist exams twice a year for specialist doctors.

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